Genomics laboratory equipment

If you would like genomics laboratory equipment you can find it at GC Biotech. Here you can find all sorts of materials and liquid handling systems which improve your research on genes. Our company provides advanced products from different suppliers. All our goods are aimed at enhancing study in the life science field especially the biomolecular and genetic research field. They improve the quality of the results with automation for genomics in mind. This way all processes go quicker and at the same time benefit from automated quality control.

Besides automation through various robotic systems GC Biotech also provides many enzyme mixes and solutions to use in experiments. Amongst these are many RNA and DNA analysis products like isolation and purification mixes. If you are interested in high quality genomics laboratory equipment be sure to check out our webshop.

Suppliers for genomics automation

There are a couple of suppliers which supply us with laboratory equipment for genomics automation. For example BioNex Solutions offers a lot of automated systems used for liquid and plate handling. These are used by pharmaceuticl, diagnostics, agriculture and biotech companies. These robotic devices can also provide quality control by using very accurate laser systems. Also the various handling systems are useful for dealing with large numbers of samples at the same time. The centrifuge makes sure different solutions get separated, the nanodrop machines make sure very precise additions to a sample are made and other systems like the workstation platform or laser beam engraver can be used for other purposes. Dynamic Devices, together with Denovix and BiOptic give us very usefull laboratory tools to improve genomics automation.

Analyze genes and more

In order do good analysis of genes one can use the solutions and mixes of our suppliers. Besides genomics laboratory equipment this is very essential for proper gene studies. With our core reagents, various buffer solutions and other materials it’s very easy to do valuable research on genes, epigenetics, cloning and so forth. For more information about our product for gene analysis one can visit